by Abdul Kircher


by Abdul Kircher


George Takei,

You rule. 

It’s like the term “flesh wound.” Right? You can say “It’s only a flesh wound” in order to express to someone that they won’t in fact die, but a flesh wound can cause you to lose one or all limbs and it’s still technically a flesh wound. And then there you are with no arms and no legs, saying “People say this is just a flesh wound… Fuck these people. I have to be carried from room to room and I don’t like it. It’s terrible. I remember when I had arms and legs and it was awesome. Now I don’t have them and it’s bad. I do the best I can without them and I try to be hopeful every day, but at the same time, where are my legs?”
It’s the same with me and break-up songs. People go, “oh. It’s a break-up song.” Yes, oh yes, it’s a song about a person for whom everything has just now collapsed, just now. And that for me remains a compelling subject, always
— John Darnielle on why he writes so many break-up songs (via milliemylesie)


Photos by Danny Payne | Words by Andrew Trendell

22 April, 2014: Brody Dalle stormed the North  as she took her exceptional new album Diploid Love to Manchester Academy. Check out our exclusive and awesome photos from the show here. 

With a set comprising of tracks from her time with The Distillers and Spinerette, as well as her brilliant solo material, Dalle dazzled her hardcore Manc fan base with a set that showed all that’s great about her past, present and future. 

"A song just kind of takes off on its own," Dalle told Gigwise earlier this year. "It’s not like I was thinking about a particular sound or way that I want a song to end up, you kind of just follow it. Sometimes you do down ten different roads before you go down the right one."

Make no mistake, Dalle is definitely on the right road right now - and she’s tearing it up.

Source: Gigwise

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Courtney Barnett @ The Outer Space Ballroom 4/22/14

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éternellement une pomme solitaire

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Here’s that Shaking Through session Sharon curated with TORRES!


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